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4th MiNEMA workshop

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Workshop program

by admin last modified 2006-06-28 04:30 PM

Saturday, 1st July

19:00 Welcome drinks at the Hotel

Sunday, 2nd July

09:00-10:15 Opening and Keynote

  • Orlando Remédios (Siemens Portugal)

Coffee Break

10:45-12:15 Session 1

  • A Service-Oriented Middleware for Integration and Management of Heterogeneous Smart Items Environments , Jürgen Anke (SAP Research, CEC Dresden / Dresden University of Technology), Jens Müller (SAP Research, CEC Karlsruhe), Patrik Spieß (SAP Research, CEC Karlsruhe), Leonardo Weiss Ferreira Chaves (SAP Research, CEC Karlsruhe)
  • Service Discovery in Highly Heterogeneous Mobile Environments, Carlos Flores (Lancaster University), Gordon Blair (Lancaster University), Paul Grace (Lancaster University)
  • Deploying Services over Ad Hoc Networks through Context-based Migration, Oriana Riva (University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science), Tamer Nadeem (University of Maryland, Department of Computer Science), Cristian Borcea (New Jersey Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science), Liviu Iftode (Rutgers University, Department of Computer Science)


14:00-14:30 Ph.D Student Workshop dicussion

14:30-15:30 Session 2

  • Pervaho: A Development & Test Platform for Mobile Ad hoc Applications, Patrick Eugster (Purdue University), Benoît Garbinato (University of Lausanne), Adrian Holzer (University of Lausanne)
  • Reliable Probabilistic Broadcast in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks, Vadim Drabkin (Technion I.I.T), Roy Friedman (Technion I.I.T), Marc Segal (Technion I.I.T)

Coffee Break

16:00-17:30 Session 3

  • Reconfigurable Architecture for Group Communication Support in Hybrid Networks , José Mocito (University of Lisbon), Luís Rodrigues (University of Lisbon)
  • Multi-homed Internet access in ad hoc networks using host identity protocol, Mikko Särelä (Helsinki University of Technology)
  • An RFID Enabled Wide Area Gaming Architecture, Kevin Curran (University of Ulster), Derek Harkin (University of Ulster), Peter Mee (Meedja Ltd)

19:00- Workshop Dinner in Palácio de Seteais

Monday, 3rd July

09:00-10:00 Keynote

  • An approach for creating and deploying services for mobile devices in a digital city, Alexandre Sousa (Associação Porto Digital, ISMAI, ParadigmaXis)

Coffee Break

10:20-11:20 Session 4

  • A Modular Solution to Fair Exchange for Peer-to-Peer Middleware, Benoît Garbinato (University of Lausanne), Ian Rickebusch (University of Lausanne)
  • Coordination of Autonomous Mobile Entities, Mélanie Bouroche (DSG, Trinity College Dublin), Vinny Cahill (DSG, Trinity College Dublin)

11:40-12:40 Session 5

  • Practical DHT lookup in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Raphaël Kummer (University of Neuchâtel), Peter Kropf (University of Neuchâtel), Pascal Felber (University of Neuchâtel)
  • TeenyLime: Transiently Shared Tuple Space Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks, Paolo Costa (Politecnico di Milano), Amy L. Murphy (University of Lugano), Gian Pietro Picco (Politecnico di Milano)


14:15-15:45 Session 6

  • Adaptation to Connectivity Loss in Pervasive Computing Environments, Manel Fredj (INRIA-Rocquencourt, France), Apostolos Zarras (Dept. of Computer Science, University of Ioannina, Greece), Nikolaos Georgantas (INRIA-Rocquencourt, France), Valérie Issarny (INRIA-Rocquencourt, France)
  • Geotumba: Geographic Information Retrieval System for Mobile Devices, Sérgio Freitas (Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências), Ana Afonso (Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências), Mário Silva (Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências)
  • Replication Management in Low Availability, High Latency Wireless Networks, Kulpreet Singh (DSG, Trinity College Dublin), Siobhan Clarke (DSG, Trinity College Dublin)

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